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Stop shoppers in their tracks with one-of-a-kind Brazen™ Beef, the first climate friendly beef with 10% greenhouse gas reduction.

Together with a team of researchers and environmental experts, we’ve created an accounting framework of estimating and reducing greenhouse gas emissions from pasture to production.

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why it matters

Sustainability has been a huge topic of conversation and an even bigger factor in evolving shopping habits. In fact, consumers would be willing to pay at least 24% more for environmentally friendly sustainable options in retail.1 NO OTHER meat brands can help you deliver on these consumer demands (and your bottom line).

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You’ve got emissions goals and so do we. Let’s help tackle them together (plus, you’ll look really good to your C-Suite managers).

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USDA Choice and grain-finished for flavor + reduced greenhouse gas emissions during production for the extra kick of “feel good” = high perceived value and willingness to pay.

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Sustainably marketed products grow 2.7x faster in their categories than non-sustainable products.2 That’s major profit potential!

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The ultimate flex? Bringing shoppers something they can’t get down the road. After all, we know shoppers pick their retailer based on fresh meat and produce.

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We created a brand that’s meant to sell. After 14 consumer insights exploration projects and much strategy and research, we’re taking the bold step forward. Now it’s your turn.

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are you brazen enough?

We’re looking for retailers who boldly welcome innovation and embrace the latest consumer trends. For partners as bold as we are, ready to make a splash and trek into a disruptive category filled with potential.

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our process

Our revolutionary model calculates greenhouse gas emissions reduction estimates from pasture to production.

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Greenhouse gas emission calculator

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1 Environmental sustainability in business: Becoming the expectation and no longer the exception, Simon-Kucher’s Global Sustainability Study, Sustainability Study 2022 | Simon Kucher (simon-kucher.com), Oct 2022
2 https://www.forbes.com/sites/gregpetro/2022/03/11/consumers-demand-sustainable-products-and-shopping-formats/?sh=a37d856a062c (2022)
*Cattle used for Brazen Beef products are enrolled in Tyson Foods’ Climate Smart Beef Program for emission reduction from pasture to production.

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